Lots Of Serious Trouble This Week

This Much Foolishness Needed Two Episodes

Serious Trouble, the podcast I started with Josh Barro and Sara Fay back in June as a successor to the late great All The President's Lawyers, is going strong. I’m enjoying being back in the rhythm of talking about legal catastrophes every week. You can get it wherever you get podcasts, or for those of you who are relatives and don’t do podcasts, play it right from the site.

This week we did one whole episode on the pratfalls and perils of Sam Bankman Fried, who is surely a sign that God loves me and also wants me to keep busy:

Today we dropped a second episode, catching up on all the other news of legal tumult that accumulated during Josh’s vacation. My favorite parts were (1) Josh on an extended and very persuasive rant about why people shouldn’t wait for the “collateral consequences” Trump keeps facing to materialize and (2) my stirring paean to the United States based on its capacity to produce Michael Avenattis and Sam Bankman-Frieds. LONG MAY IT WAVE.

Next week, look for something a little different. We spend lots of time talking about people who make terrible clients. But what makes a good client? It’s time for a deep dive into that, in this season of thinking of others, with “others” including your poor suffering lawyers.

I hope you’ll check it out.

Meanwhile, now that I’ve left Twitter, I hope to return to writing more here. Coming soon: a defense of free speech pendantry.



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