Announcing Serious Trouble -- A Podcast About Legal Peril

The Band Gets Back Together

For the last six months I’ve been fielding questions about when Josh Barro and I would be launching a new podcast to replace “All the Presidents’ Lawyers,” the show we hosted for three years. I’m very happy that I finally have an answer.

“Serious Trouble” launches today with its first episode. Fans of “All The President’s Lawyers” will find it familiar but expanded. Josh and I (with the help of our exceptional producer Sara Fay) will be addressing a wide array of legal controversies and dilemmas, each week asking “is this person in Serious Trouble?” We’re moving away from a strict focus on presidential lawyers and their politics to a broader array of legal trash fires. Of course, the show will still cover the fallout from the Trump Administration’s controversies —this week we look at the criminal implications of the January 6 Committee’s presentation. But we’ll also be covering a wide array of civil and criminal cases and trying to explain what’s going on and how media coverage gets things wrong and right. For instance, this week we delve into the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial and discuss reality vs. public perception.

Our new format will permit deeper dives into legal issues and less breaking-news focus. Moreover, we’ll be able to enjoy more audience engagement, both through more listener questions and discussion threads at the Serious Trouble site. The main show will be available wherever you get your podcasts, and subscribers will have access to extra content and engagement. Learn all about it over at the show’s site,

I’m very excited to be working with Josh and Sara again, and to be lawsplaining once again. You’re going to hear a lot of the same questions: did the media get it right in covering this case? What’s the legal standard? Does that standard make sense? How does it work in the real world, as opposed to in the pages of a book? How loudly would you groan if your client did that? Is it RICO (no)? Questions, suggestions, and abuse are welcome as always.


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