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Pyramid Song

Radiohead, Pyramid Song, covered by Sybarite5 in an arrangement by Paul Kim. See also, especially if you know the original well, their version of Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box.

A Marian Call sighting

For our previous coverage of Marian Call, click this tag. If you're unaware of her, start here. Not long ago, I took a little trip to Silver Spring to see Marian Call in her natural habitat– the house concert. The venue was the smallish common room of a co-op apartment house. Some had brought beer or wine. Others pizza and sweet shortbread cube thingies. Some came in groups, some in pairs, some alone. The room was decorated in the inconsistent, individual way that you might expect. On one wall hung a crazy quilt. On another, a painting of ethnic women, laborers,...

Marian Call the DJ

  Marian Call will be spinnin' the discs for KRNN this Wednesday night for a couple of hours from 8pm PST (11pm EST). She says she'll be playing "music by [her] favorite artists — several Alaskans, several utterly obscure artists, and a few very popular ones". MC puts the work in 'quirk' and the cover in 'discovery' and the fun in 'latifundium'! So if you're so inclined and you've got the time, feel free to stream netwise at http://krnn.org/ .  

On Motion

Whim 'n Rhythm 2011 in DC

A Christmas Hymn

I believe I first heard the advent hymn a solis ortus cardine in the 80s, when I was living just up the road from the Benedictine Abbey of S. Martin in Ligugé, France. The monks there were known for their chants, so I picked up their Chefs-d'oeuvre Grégoriens (on cassette tapes back then). It served well as a soundtrack for my quasi-total immersion in the middle ages. Here's what Wikipedia offers about the song: A solis ortus cardine … is a Latin poem by Coelius Sedulius (died circa 450), narrating Christ's life from His birth to His resurrection. Its 23 verses each begin with...

Strung out?

Addicted to good music? Here's a link to the schedule of upcoming performances by Ana Vidovic. I've written of her persuasive charms before. Do yourself and/or a loved one the favor. Seriously.

Imagining must matter and that's why

… I've got to give away some music! By supporting Marian Call's recent, very successful Kickstarter campaign/game/thing, I received some download codes for her albums. I already have her albums, so I'd like to give these codes to people who lack them and want them. The albums are Vanilla (her first), Got To Fly (the Firefly/Galactica-inspired one), Songs of the Month Project (miscellaneous playful weirdness), and Something Fierce (her most recent, the double album). I have one download code for each, and I'd like to give each to a different person. If you would like a download code for one...

Recycling the ivories

Time to deprecate the 88? Here's where old pianos go to die. Nearly 365,000 were sold at the peak, in 1910, according to the National Piano Manufacturers Association. …In 2011, 41,000 were sold, along with 120,000 digital pianos and 1.1 million keyboards….

Update: Marian Call's Kickstarter

Just an update on our recent coverage of Marian Call's Adventure Quest. The indie songstress wanted to perform for her fans in Europe and turned her kickstarter into a Zelda-like game of unlocking countries and novelty songs (e.g., Lehrer's Elements, Muppet stuff), all with the goal of performing abroad and cutting a live album for supporters of the endeavor. (Follow the link for details.) The kickstarter, which ends in about 12 hours, has garnered over 750 backers and just shy of $55k so far. This makes it possible for Marian to perform in England, Wales, Germany, Be/Ne/Lux, Austria, Ireland, Czech,...

Ravi Shankar's other spectacular daughter

By now we're all familiar, and rightly so, with Norah Jones. Song like Don't Know Why don't just make a splash; they leave an impression… or tear stains or a scar. I suppose most know, though some may have missed, that Norah is a daughter of sitar legend and World Heritage Site Ravi Shankar. Less known, but well worth knowing, is the master's other daughter, the splendid and prodigiously talented sitar player Anoushka Shankar. He was, of course, her instructor and chief inspiration. Here they are together, she the padawan to his Yoda, in a charming mock lesson that grows more...