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New Theme: Comments

We're customizing a new theme. Feel free to add your constructive feedback, positive or negative, to the comments below! In case you're interested, the theme I'm tweaking is Hueman by Alexander Agnarson, and he has released it (in exchange for acts of kindness) under the commendable WTF Public License.

Glitch in the matrix

After 4 hours, the server came back to life. The ISP's customer service representative sent a note to explain that (a) they could not find a problem and didn't know what we were on about, and (b) they fixed it and were glad to help.

Hold that thought…

Simple comment bookmarking! Thanks to lurker (and friend of the 'hat) Tony H. for providing a handy Javascript utility that allows readers of the site to mark their place among the comments and resume reading at that juncture. Tony rolled it for his own use, but was kind enough to share. In the lower-right corner of each comment, you'll see a pushpin icon. If you click it, the browser will silently set a cookie remembering your place. Next time you visit that page of comments, look for the corresponding pushpin right at the top of the Comments section. Click it,...

I have altered the blog

Pray that I alter it further. In the meantime, be sure to express your opinion in the comment field enhancement post. I have implemented the following features for now: A preview pane that appears below the comment field as you type and shows you how your comment will appear after you submit it. A 5-minute timeout allowing you to edit your comment in case the preview pane betrays you. New HTML tags, including <table> and <tr> and <td> and <ul> and <li>. Clearer explanatory text below the comment field. Top Commenters by Volume (as measured in decibels) in the sidebar.

Next Time You Are Unexpectedly Banned

Dear y'all, We're using WordPress. From time to time, we have tinkered with caching software. At the moment, we're using none because we enjoy our banning software more, and cache seldom plays nicely with ban. Our server also offers caching for interpreted php modules, but we've turned that off. None of the other plugins we employ makes conspicuous use of caching, and we're presently not (knowingly) relying on a CDN. (The server bills at a flat rate, not by the mile.) Nevertheless, folks occasionally report that they're encountering a ban notice on the front page or on a given post....

Here's an explanation

… of how we do the Popehat Signal: http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/7639/is-a-spotlight-like-the-bat-signal-possible

Rethinking the blogroll

We're rethinking and reworking the blogroll to your left. It's a work in progress. Right now the categories are utterly borked. I'll post more when I'm closer to done.

State of the Hat

It's been more than six months since we re-launched Popehat and I decided to make a more serious effort at it by making blogging my primary hobby. I would have enjoyed it even if we had gotten no traffic; the daily writing exercise is fun and challenging (with occasional exceptions when it seems like a chore) and good training. The camaraderie with my co-bloggers is also well worth the effort. However, we have substantially increased traffic. This weekend we passed 1000 people who had signed up for our RSS feed. More than 500 of those have signed up in the...

More Regarding Octopus Overlords

This post is intended to act as a sort of sonar ping into the web rather than to provide substantive information, but members of the Octopus Overlords forum and community who are interested in its fate should visit the site.  It isn't back up yet, but there is an update on the front page which is highly encouraging of a return to operation in a very short time.  It appears Rip has resolved his server problems, and only database transfer remains. More encouraging news comes from Zack in our forum, who had sites with the same provider.  Zack informs us...

We Have A File On You

Now and again Ken runs a feature in which he documents the search engine terms and keywords which bring people to this site.  Through this feature, we know that our readers care about penguins, whether Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is a freemason, and 60s television actress Barbara Eden.  We design this site's content accordingly.

Regarding Octopus Overlords.

There's a link to this information in the little-used Popehat forum, but the most current information we have is documented in this thread at Gamingtrend, which has a fine forum for gaming and general discussion in its own right.  This is not a repeat of what happened to the Gone Gold forum. Apparently Rip's servers have taken a broadside, and I'm sure his weekend is shot, but he expects to get them back up and running in the near future.  We're sending good vibes his way. Of course, anyone who wishes is welcome to use our forum.  Currently we have...

The Dangers of Bringing A Parrot to An Exit Interview

As frequent readers know, we pay close attention to what Google searches bring people to this site, and often blog about the funny and/or frightening results. (My favorite for March: "moral lesson about that [sic] we learned in jeepers creepers 2"). At first, penguins ruled the search engine logs — people looking for penguins came here like angsty kids to a Hot Topic. Then it was people searching for evidence that Mike Huckabee is a freemason who predominated. But, as Patrick pointed out in the last episode of "The Winding Road to Popehat," it's people looking for the famous pirate...


The cool new site logo of a miter is courtesy of the talented Roger Kirk, a.k.a. Quipp, who is a wizard with numerous types of computer artistry, from drawings like this to hilarious-if-it's-not-done-to-you photoshops. You might want to keep your picture out of his hands, though, unless you want to log on one day and discover he has depicted you like this: I am very grateful to my co-bloggers David and Grandy, who have put a lot of work into improvements to the design of the site, including this one.

Email and Social Networking Sites

Please note I added the Sociable plugin below. You can now email a post to someone by clicking the icon on the far left — to report one of Patrick's posts to the appropriate authorities, for instance, or if you are my wife to send one of my posts to my therapist to support an argument regarding adjustment of medications. I've also adjusted the social networking tabs, if you are into that sort of think.