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Effective Appellate Advocacy Does Not Typically Involve Rebuses

Law, Law Practice, WTF?

We've mentioned Jack Thompson in these pages before; he's a serially unhinged "attorney" whose crusade for the past decade has been the evils of videogames. (Previous bizarre obsessions included Janet Reno's sexual preference and rap music.)

Jack's been in a bit of trouble of late. Most recently, as Game Politics reported, the Florida Supreme Court issued an Order to Show Cause why he should not be sanctioned for frivolous filings. Sanctions could include such vexatious litigant measures as a limit on filing. Today, Game Politics speculates convincingly about what might have been the last straw for the Florida supremes — a bizarre filing that Game Politics has hosted here. In it, Thompson berates the court in a pleading including rebuses. No. Really.

This, of course, is not the first time Jack Thompson has gotten into trouble over visual aides in filings; previously he's included gay porn. (Link is safe.)

It is possible that video games made him this way. I'm just not sure which ones.


Is There A Sign On My Blog That Says "Dead Shyster Storage?"


Scenes from the re-animation and subsequent evisceration of satire, part ad infinitum:

1. Anti-gaming lunatic Jack Thompson rushes to blame NIU shootings on video games;
2. Among the resulting critiques is a satirical letter purporting to be from Samuel L. Jackson condemning Thompson on a blog;
3. Thompson takes the bait and responds as if it is actually Jackson, then a few minutes later realizes he's been duped and retracts (possibly after seeing the sidebar banner saying "these are not real").

You can't make that shit up.

Edit: Don't think for a minute that Lyndon LaRouche is going to let Jack Thompsonbogart all the crazy on this one.

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