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From my good friend Scott Ratner: "What do you expect when the very name of the store is Target?  It's like buying food items at a store called Ralphs."

Extended! (Final performances this Sunday!)

Kill A Better Mousetrap, a one-act play recently featured at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, has been extended as part of the "Best of Fringe"! Additional performances will occur on Sunday, 28 July, at 1pm and again at 5:30pm. Miles Edward Merbinau has somehow inherited the film rights to the world’s longest running play, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. Unfortunately, due to a legal technicality, he can’t do anything with them until the original London production of the play (now in its 60th year!) closes… which hardly seems imminent. Several “peaceable” efforts to shut down The Mousetrap having backfired on him, Merbinau...

A Hot Tip on Cue from the Swabbie Hobby Lobby

An update about the True Authorship of the Pirate Resignation Letter– now with 100% more Angus scrotum: Back in April, in the comment thread of a post about our recondite plans for global dominion, a Popehat visitor using the nick "Will Nobilis" seemed to claim authorship of the well-known Pirate Resignation Letter. In one comment, Will Nobilis wrote, "…a random web search led me to find out Ken and Patrick (and someone named Mike) wrote about my pirate resignation letter…." This claim surprised me, so I poked around for other posts by Will Nobilis, and, behold!, appended to Ken's variant of...

Fringe Benefits

  Update! Tickets on sale now! If you'll be in the Los Angeles area this June, and if you enjoy Golden Age detective stories, then the Hollywood Fringe Festival will be offering a special treat just for you: Kill A Better Mousetrap. This one-act comedy (with a legal twist!) by actor/writer Scott Ratner will be playing every Saturday that month.

Origin of the Pirate Resignation Letter

As far as I've been able to tell through clever googling in my favorite search engine, the renowned and much beloved Pirate Resignation Letter was written by Chris Castle and delivered to James Bear (deceased), former managing partner of Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP. After using the letter, Castle shared it with his friend, user "Otter Von Pop" of the (now defunct) BirdSunEye.com forum, and that user posted it on 17 October 2003 both as a forum post and as a Word doc attachment. Later that morning, Chris Castle, posting as "The Bartender" confirmed the story and reported on the...

I don't know if it's right, but I know that I like it

The exceptional Language Log — which Patrick, not unreasonably, likes to call the best blog ever — has a post chock-full of both thought and humor about whether it's nice for native English speakers to make fun of hilarious mistranslations into English, and why such mistakes happen even in formal contexts, when some sort of proofreading might reasonably be expected. In case you're a shallow fellow like me and don't care, it also has a selection of the best of such mistranslations. Knock yourself out.

Circuit City Flighty, Sensitive, Apt To Fly Into Rages And Gales of Tears

At least that's what I'm guessing based on how they're flipping out at being the subject of mediocre satire in Mad Magazine. Congrats to Elizabeth Barron and Circuit City for hitting upon the one thing that would lead to more than twelve people reading the shitty parody. I particularly like the directive to destroy the magazines and throw them away, which conjures images of Circuit City drones jumping up and down on a stack of magazines before shoveling them off of the loading dock.

I Feel Immune!

I always assumed this was an urban legend, but Snopes assures me that it is not: James Brown's wife Adrienne Brown, through her attorney Allen W. Johnson, attempted to raise a defense of diplomatic immunity to a DUI charge on the grounds that her husband's nickname "the Ambassador of Soul" had been referenced, and thus accepted, by a member of Congress.

Dawn of Politics- vol I

Politics are like real-time strategy games. They involve a careful gathering of resources and split-second decisions of their use. Ideally, the combination of tactical strategy and a more urgent pace than turn based would produce a typical match like speed chess; exhibiting fast pace, intense thinking, and tactical strategy. In reality though, the games comprise of memorized build orders and a game pace so fast nearly all strategy is thrown out the window. The only people who triumph are those losers who play for hours and hours on end; memorizing hotkeys while their vocabulary atrophies into Three Letter Acronyms. Does...

Step Three Has Been Discovered

Ken Layne, one of the early big political bloggers, now writes mainly for Wonkette. But he has a pretty sweet side gig. 1. Get a writing space at a website known for its vast population of idiots, pervs, goons, morphodites, and slackjawed yokels. Say … Democratic Underground, or Free Republic, or Something Awful, or best of all, America Online. 2. Go out of one's way to insult said idiots, pervs, goons, morphodites, and slackjawed yokels, by telling them, truthfully, exactly what one thinks of them, and why each and every one of them deserves to be called an idiot, perv,...

Truly Epic Collection of Funny Newspaper Clippings

Really, I laughed so hard at least once per page that one of my associates came in to make sure I was all right. She thought I was crying. Via BoingBoing, the collection is right here. Just a couple of favorites: