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DOES NOT FORGIVE. DOES NOT FORGET: Alleged Jennifer Lawrence photo hacker complains of vigilante justice by 4chan.

“I regret it so much,” he said. “I didn’t even get any bitcoin out of it. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve done and I hope it won’t ruin my life, though it probably will since it’s just the biggest news story.”

If you play with fire, sooner or later, you will get burned.

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A FOURTH CIRCUIT JUDGE once told me that young lawyers would be wise to consider Hemingway and Orwell as models for prose style. The same is true for journalists:

A local man was arrested early Friday morning on charges that he stole a truck from a local company after police located the vehicle in Bristol with his cellphone inside, according to a police report.

What does that mean?

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AS THE SERFS OF DISTRICT TWELVE LABOR TO MEET COAL MINING QUOTAS, even the pets of Capital City luxuriate at a "Ritz Carlton" for dogs and cats.

Prices start at $30 for cats and $60 for dogs per night, but luxury suites begin at $105 a night and come with webcams and TVs. (“Animal Planet is always a favorite,” Eng says. “But I’ve got a few addicted to soap operas.”)

There are Pawlates for Pooches classes, limo rides and “cuddle dates,” during which a human spends 20 minutes petting and whispering sweet nothings to a dog or cat. Clients can also spring for personal shopping sprees, allowing their dog or cat to pick out toys from the gift shop.

“People will spend whatever it takes to make their pets happy — and we understand that,” Eng says.

I recently spent six dollars on a Squeaky Fox for the Popehat Dog. It seemed an extravagance, but that's life out here in the Districts.


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PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME: NYPD issues "stern" memo reminding officers that they can't simply arrest people for photographing cops.

Of course in a culture, such as that of the New York Police Department, where lawless behavior by officers is treated with kid gloves, this is just window dressing for the rubes. As long as officers have union protection and tort immunity, lawlessness will reign. A real solution for gratuitous violation of civil rights by the police would be to abolish their immunity. Force individual officers to carry insurance or a bond, paid from their own salaries. By all means give the officers a raise to cover premium expense, but if an officer faces too many claims or judgments, a responsible, objective third party (the insurance company) can revoke his badge by cancelling tort coverage.

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BLAMING THE VICTIM: The "she shouldn't have worn that dress in that bar" argument is lame as applied to sex crimes, but any American who visits North Korea, without diplomatic immunity, is essentially wearing a supertight dress to the worst bar in town. Expecting CNN, the U.S. government, or Dennis Rodman to get you out is closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.

Don't go to North Korea.

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ANDREW MCCARTHY: In search of a strategy.

While ripping Obama for having no Islamic State strategy, Republicans are now reviving the inane strategy of supporting the illusory “moderate Syrian opposition.” Those would be the same forces they wanted to support against Assad. The only problem was that there aren’t enough real moderates in Syria to mount a meaningful challenge to the regime. The backbone of the opposition to Assad has always been the Muslim Brotherhood, and the most effective fighters against the regime have always been the jihadists. So we’re back to where we started from.

The politician who can find a middle way between Obama's "head in the sand" strategy and the McCain / Graham "bomb everything" strategy … would probably be ignored by the media. A real strategy doesn't make for good sound bites.

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POLAND IS NOT UNDER SOVIET DOMINATION, VOXSPLAINING-STYLE: "The Poles were one of the few conquered peoples in Europe who did not cooperate with their Nazi occupiers."

Perhaps Vox hasn't heard of the Norwegian, Greek, Serb, and, after a false start, Ukrainian resistances to Nazi occupation. Or even the French. Was the heroic evacuation by Denmark of its entire Jewish population in the face of Nazi invasion "cooperation"? I don't know. Maybe someone should Voxsplain that to me.

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TAR. FEATHERS. ROPE: Pasco Sheriff's Deputy Nicholas Carmack arrested a mom for hanging up the telephone on him as he tried to complete a missing persons report on her daughter, who was playing at a nearby church. I'll note the daughter was found within minutes, and was never "missing" in the first place.

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As with the sort of Americans who used to hijack planes to Cuba, I suspect that most of the Britons who've joined ISIS are simply criminals and sociopaths who can't function in a civilized society.

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NAOMI REILLY: Why the atheist call to abort the disabled is doomed.  Much to the disappointment of Richard Dawkins, our ethics haven't "evolved" so far as to make open calls for abortion in the name of eugenics fashionable. Perhaps Dawkins doesn't remember the 20th century's most notorious eugenics campaign, but plenty of others do.