Gridiron Solitaire is live!


On 16 November, I told you about Gridiron Solitaire, an indie game developed by Friend-of-the-'Hat and all-around nice guy Bill Harris of Dubious Quality. At that time, Bill had submitted the game to Steam for possible greenlighting and I asked for votes in support of that effort. Alongside some Popehatters, friends of Bill from all around the 'verse joined in, and pretty soon afterward the game was approved.

Well, Gridiron Solitaire is now officially available on Steam! I'll bet it's a great way to spend a snowy evening….

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  1. StephenH  •  Jan 21, 2014 @2:29 pm

    Good thing it doesn't have "Candy" in the name, or this post might have an entirely different tenor.

  2. JTM  •  Jan 21, 2014 @3:14 pm

    Neat! The final product looks really good, I can't wait to try it out.

  3. David  •  Jan 21, 2014 @3:16 pm

    I'm sorry, @StephenH. I don't follow.

  4. Chris Taylor  •  Jan 21, 2014 @4:10 pm

    The makers of Candy Crush have trademarked the word "candy" for games.

  5. David  •  Jan 21, 2014 @4:23 pm

    Ah. Hoyle tried to pull that with "solitaire", but the term expired before Bono kicked in. "Trump" also missed the extension, and more's the pity.

  6. Aaron  •  Jan 21, 2014 @4:57 pm
  7. David  •  Jan 21, 2014 @5:59 pm


  8. Swimmy  •  Jan 21, 2014 @8:39 pm

    Where does that leave Candy Box 3?

    (No idea if Candy Box 3 is in the works.)

  9. David  •  Jan 21, 2014 @9:10 pm

    This discussion of first impressions, in the Steam community forum, includes mini-reviews and comments that give a sense of the game's flavor and its simulation of football's momentum and outcomes. Bill's answering questions there, too.

  10. JTM  •  Jan 21, 2014 @9:55 pm

    I just beat the pants off those darn dirty Lobsters. Go Surf!

  11. JTM  •  Jan 21, 2014 @10:35 pm

    …and promptly got roflstomped by the Moose. Bill isn't planning a Pop Warner version for those of us with "special" coaching abilities, is he?

  12. Andrew  •  Jan 22, 2014 @7:47 am

    Buffalo Freeze FTW! This plays great on a touchscreen Windows laptop, by the way.

  13. David  •  Jan 23, 2014 @8:22 pm

    The first official review is in, and it does an excellent job of explaining the gameplay (both the simple card game and the football strategy sim).

  14. David  •  Jan 27, 2014 @5:41 pm