RIP, Hasan Niyazi

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It seems Hasan Niyazi, the tireless blogger, talented amateur art historian, and independent Renaissance scholar behind the popular art history blog Three Pipe Problem and the ambitious Open Raphael project, has died suddenly at 37, the same tender age as his idol, Raphael.

I first interacted with Hasan in 2010, and we discussed things by email now and again over the years. A man of science by training, he harbored endless enthusiasm for evidence-based scholarship in art history, for the importance of the Digital Humanities movement, and for free and open educational content– values we shared.

If you're so inclined, take a moment to look at his websites, which now stand as monuments to his energy, focus, idealism, passion for beauty, and love of learning.

Edit: See also the moving tributes by Prof. Ben Harvey, Prof. Monica Bowen, and Dr. Francis DeStefano. Above all, Hasan promoted community, encouraged cooperation, and took delight in sharing the discoveries and insights of one and all. In some measure, the art historical blogosphere itself is his handiwork.

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  1. Shay  •  Oct 28, 2013 @6:59 pm

    Ah….that's a shame. I enjoy his blog.

  2. wolfefan  •  Oct 29, 2013 @12:21 pm

    Particularly sad since he just recently finished decorating his new residence… thanks for sharing…

  3. David  •  Oct 30, 2013 @1:38 pm

    See also the interesting remembrances by Jenna Francisco, Alexandra Korey, and David Packwood.

  4. grouch  •  Nov 2, 2013 @12:29 am

    It appears that 3pipe is archived in wayback, but the robots.txt file of prevents it from same.

    What happens to the work?

  5. Metin  •  Dec 16, 2013 @4:13 am

    I am Hasan's brother in law married to his little sister. Hasan's sister is a doctor candidate and she will be continuing his work, and carrying on Hasan's legacy to our son.

    A mother has lost her son, and a sister has lost a brother but Hasan is of our house, and of our blood, and I will be making things right again, and will ensure that Hasan's legacy, integrity, and most intimate wishes are fulfilled.

    Thank you all for your love and support, let's make things right… x