Discerning – A Meditation



Today, embrace the sun and moon,
Pose questions to the rocks and clouds,
Consider ripples in the sea,
And delve into the dust of doubt.

Engaging them, take time to see
That each announces not itself
Alone, but one, strong, fair, and true,
Who them displays, whose word all wealth
Now allocates to large and small,
Including you within some scope,
Governing cosmic, quantum, all,
A ground of mystery and hope.

So when you ponder, ask, and reach,
Give time to see as well as show.
Discerning means and motives, learn
To shape and teach as well as know.

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  1. Zack  •  Jul 31, 2013 @8:02 am

    3 stanzas.

    4/8/4 line structure.

    Unique line structures: 4 and 8.

    Normalize by common factor: 8/4=2, 4/4=1


    Half life 3 confirmed.

  2. David  •  Jul 31, 2013 @8:15 am

    In just a little while, then, it'll decay into a clerihew.

  3. ChrisTS  •  Jul 31, 2013 @8:47 am

    I have been rather dreading the start of a new academic year, but somehow this poem has … encouraged me.

  4. En Passant  •  Jul 31, 2013 @12:42 pm

    From bathos elevates questions burning.
    Among them: how entire philosophies
    Decay to doggerel lines like these.

    Ducking and running, I remain in form
    yr fthfl srvnt, &c &c.

  5. David  •  Jul 31, 2013 @1:12 pm

    @En Passant
    My howling doggerel off its leash
    Releases an existential cry.
    Should you happen to hearken that querulous cur,
    Please call a Catcher in the Why.

  6. sorrykb  •  Jul 31, 2013 @1:54 pm

    Came to Popehat for the snark, stayed for the snark and the art.

  7. Earle  •  Jul 31, 2013 @2:27 pm

    Regarding your discerning taste in music, Marian Call is mentioned in the article below: