Craig Brittain of "Is Anybody Down?" Can't Keep His Story Straight. And It's Barack Obama's Fault.

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  1. Jack B. says:

    @ efemmeral, apologies for getting your name wrong in the previous post. It wasn't intentional.

  2. Jess says:

    @efemmeral – in this case I really don't think this is a situation of mental instability. I think this is a case of self entitled God complex. Craig Brittain, Chase Trahan, and Eric Chanson are all cut from the same cloth – that of insecure little punks who think they are worthy of ruling the world, making millions of dollars, and breaking the law to spread their degratation of women, minorities, Jews, you name it – with no repercussions. They do what they do because they have no empathy and because they hate and objectify women and the only God they worship is money. I doubt they would know what to do with a "real" woman if they ever managed to get a hold of one long enough before they ran away screaming.

  3. flip says:


    Great strawman.

    My point was that mental illness ≠ morally repugnant or illegal behaviour and that implying such continues stigmatism of mental illness. Pretty much every single crank out there uses conspiracy as a way of deflecting attention and criticism.

    Furthermore, diagnosis by internet is not exactly legitimate nor fair. To put it in law blog terms: innocent until proven guilty.

    Thank you also for suggesting that depression is not as bad as another mental illness. I guess wanting to slit your wrists every day for 20 years is just peachy in comparison to having voices in your head?

    TL;DR: JackB said it first.

  4. efemmeral says:

    @jack b:

    Agreed: Mental illness is not a license for malice. Really, as Randazza mentions, Brittain himself is incidental. The goal, set by truly honorable attorneys, is to scuttle this unacceptable business model.

    Inconclusive: Kevin just suggested that the, the measuring contest might be the one arena in which Brittian can compete. Coincidently, that happens to be the same contest as Most Batshit Crazy. I suspect he’ll be the winner but let’s not verify this. Deal?

  5. efemmeral says:

    @jess – In my IANAL brain I cannot process the idea that ‘choice’ adequately explains why a person, with a capacity to be otherwise, would choose to be as inept, banal, and useless as Brittian & Co. In darker moments I suspect the ease with which we subscribe to this idea of ‘choice’ provides us with a way to congratulate ourselves for ‘choosing’ to be unlike them and, consequently, superior to them, but I generally return to reaching for organic issues and head trauma to explain these people.

    Still, you might be right. By sheer dumb luck I’ve managed to avoid people like that my entire life. I suspect having to interact with this cesspool truly exacts a high price on attorneys.

  6. efemmeral says:

    @flip: Recent advancements in pharmacology have given psychiatrists the blessed means to treat patients previously untreatable, but our cultural response to mental illness is still rooted in the dark ages. I tip my hat to anyone who recognizes their life is likely to be improved with treatment and seeks it – especially men, who suffer the additional burden of intractable, backwater proscriptions against being treated.

    It was absolutely legitimate of me to object to this reasoning, "Since depression doesn't cause me to behave like a schizophrenic his (apparent) schizophrenia shouldn't cause him to behave like a schizophrenic". But I’d never offer up a diagnosis; that would surely cause some crazed Internet Lawyer to come for me.

  7. GDad says:


    Thank you! I was wondering the same thing about Fair Use. I thought maybe the fact that I wasn't a lawyer put some hurdle in place to my understanding of this new Fair Use technology.

  8. AlphaCentauri says:

    I interact with schizophrenics fairly regularly. I don't think this guy fits there.

    Most schizophrenics have "disorganized thought." Tara-style. They're quite convinced they're presenting damning evidence about something when everyone else is going, "WTF?" They tend to use a lot of pronouns that don't refer to anything. "'This thing' has been going on a long time. 'They're' planning to take revenge on 'us.'" etc. It's often a dementing disorder.

    Paranoid schizophrenics may be pretty coherent if you don't know what they're saying is crazy, and they're often quite intelligent. But they really believe what they're saying. The story doesn't change when it suits them.

    No, I think this guy is a lying sociopath or maybe a narcissist, who really can't cope with the fact that his ability to manipulate people is failing him now. He may be unemployed because he's been able to manipulate people to support him. He spent his house arrest attending community college and playing video games and thought that was a consuming amount of activity to keep up with, so real work may not be something he's interested in.

  9. vms says:

    I'm kinda disappointed. I made the news release, but not the troll down site. Guess I need to be more clever in insulting him in our email correspondence.

  10. Ken says:

    All internet diagnosis is problematical.

    Whatever he is, if they took the site down and stopped victimizing the women, I'd cheerfully take down these posts.

  11. Bear says:

    Since I think I started the whole possible-schizophrenia thing, I guess I should make a last comment.

    Culpability: Even though the courts seem to (mostly) disagree with me, I do not think "insanity" should be a defense. The fact that someone was judged "crazy" after the fact doesn't magically make the victims whole.

    Lying conman vs. schizophrenic: The two are not incompatible. I have dealt with schizophrenics who decided that — based on their delusional worldviews — it was acceptable and _necessary_ to knowingly commit crimes (in one case, a double murder).

    Right up until I saw the trolldown site, I completely agreed with Ken's guess that the clown is just an inept conman. Trolldown included some material that is frighteningly similar to something I saw before; hence the schizophrenia guess. BUT… see above. There's nothing that says he isn't a _schizophrenic_ conman, and certainly nothing that excuses him from the consequences of his actions.

  12. Ken says:

    In evaluating the Trolldown site, keep in mind that we have at least two potential authors: Craig Brittain and Chance Trahan. Trahan's comments to me on Twitter last night suggest that he has at least equal control of Trolldown. He may or may not be the author of some content.

  13. I'll second the willingness to take my posts down if IsAnybodyDown disappears. Or at least I'm willing to remove last names.

  14. Bear says:


    Or three authors, if you count "Blade III" (wait… wasn't that a movie). [grin]

  15. Shane says:

    Here is some interesting links for Chance

  16. Randy says:

    That YouTube link prompted my first comment here due to the sheer terribleness of it.

  17. Nicholas weaver says:

    I DID warn people about chance's "music"

  18. Anglave says:

    Regarding the recent comment "fished from the spam filter"

    1) Does he think the point of your post regarding the art installation at the University of Wyoming was to defend the art?

    Personally I read that post as expressing concern over the amount of control the university allows outside actors exert over its speech and expression. They caved to pressure to self-censor, and they lied about it.

    2) An adult website that displays the nudity of consenting adults would not be of concern here. There are lots of them!

    Perhaps he has missed the fact that what caught so much attention was the exploitation of unwilling victims? And the extortion. And the blatant lies.

    3) The fact that his felony conviction happened a decade ago doesn't mean it didn't happen. Certainly people can change, but it's not truthful for him to claim that he's never committed a crime nor been in trouble with the law.

    4) He takes his inability to find employment as evidence of an economic crisis. This is not logically sound, any more than the statement "I do have a job, therefore there is no economic crisis."

    In his case, I suspect that there are factors other than the recession that have kept him from gainful employment. I certainly wouldn't hire him, would you? How long do you think he could hold down a job at McDonalds?

  19. Jack B. says:

    I DID warn people about chance's "music"

    As someone who regularly listens to The Holy Modal Rounders, The GTOs, Larry "Wild Man " Fischer, Jan Terry, Complete, Eugene Chadbourne, Flipper, and Killdozer (Madison, WI sludge rock Killdozer, not French jazz Killdozer), I could probably testify in court as an expert witness on "unlistenable".

    It is my opinion, your honor, that Chance's rhymes have no flow. His beats are wack and furthermore, he has no science in his game.

    Of course, whenever you see "Comments Disabled For This Video" it usually means that the uploader does not want to be reminded of their clip's dubious quality.

  20. flip says:


    Agree with your first para, agree with your second para except to say that it was still a strawman.

  21. sliceoflife says:

    "subjected me to emotional, mental and financial distress"… Seriously. What about the hundreds of men and women that were subjected to mental, emotional, and financial distress caused by this monster. You can't tell me these people don't walk around everyday hoping and praying that there friends, family, and coworkers do not fond out. And the anxiety and emotional distress when the victim is confronted about their nude photos on the internet??? I don't wanna hear about his emotional, mental, and finacial distress. he deserves every bit of it

  22. Jay Z says:

    "2. An ‘offensive’ website that publishes images of real women naked is scum, but a bunch of ‘offensive’ logs, coal and dirt constitutes ‘art’."

    Um, Craig, I don't think those single quote marks mean what you think they mean.

  23. Pete says:

    Ken, if we're going to address you as "Drake Howitzer", Popehat will need a new author link under "Via Angus".

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