There's Only One Topic That's Absolutely Off-Limits At This Blog, And That's Birth / Adoption Conspiracy Theories


Effective immediately, I'm resigning from this place. I've appreciated the many opportunities I've received here and the chance to cover some important stories, but there are too many constraints on my writing. Now don't get the wrong idea. This is an amicable parting. Readers who've enjoyed my work here are welcome to follow me at my new site, where I'll address issues that really matter, to me and I suspect to most of you. Why in the past couple of days, I've written my best work, on topics I could never have covered here. Just look at the most recent post titles!

Our planet is doomed.

That rich plutocrat is a successful businessman and inventor, but is he really qualified to be President?

Exactly what does that other rich plutocrat mean when he says he's "experiencing the nightlife of this city"?

I will not kneel before you.

I dreamt that the Sun turned red.

The iPhone 5? Not for me! When you really need it, a payphone is still the way to go.

This will be a deeply personal blog, yet one of interest to readers across the globe. I'll be applying my unique insights to problems of interest to all humanity and beyond, in the insightful and penetrating way you've come to expect from my work here, but with no holds barred and no subject out of bounds.

Won't you join me?

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  1. Kirk Taylor  •  Oct 23, 2012 @5:40 pm

    You are awesome, but Superman you are not!

  2. different Jess  •  Oct 23, 2012 @5:53 pm

    Haha, the title reminded me of this:

    "Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion." [possibly NSFW?]

    I'm not sure that Justthisguy deserves that cool a death, but it would cut down on sock puppetry.

  3. Analee  •  Oct 23, 2012 @6:07 pm

    Oh goddamnit, I just got Patrick'd. XD

  4. jb  •  Oct 24, 2012 @4:40 am

    chuckle :)

  5. John David Galt  •  Oct 24, 2012 @6:28 am

    So which is your real secret identity? Patrick or Alexandra Petri?

  6. Clark  •  Oct 24, 2012 @7:28 am

    > Superman is resigning his day job as a reporter and going rogue, possibly as a self-employed blogger

    Wow. It only took the the MSM 13 months to figure that out?

    ObUsualSuspectsQuote: "Did you put that together yourself, Einstein? What, do you got a team of monkeys working around the clock on this?"

  7. GrimGhost  •  Oct 24, 2012 @7:56 am

    Lawyer Charles Carreon was not born, but instead was hatched from alien eggs. Ditto his wife Tara. I have government-suppressed proof of this. (j/k)