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  1. Termy  •  Aug 13, 2012 @12:59 am

    I saw these guys in Melbourne 2009. Was absolutely worth it. They haven't lost it (assuming, of course, that they ever "had it", whatever "it" is.)

  2. jeremy7600  •  Aug 13, 2012 @7:20 am

    Saw them last month. They definitely still have it. Awesome show, they opened for Squeeze.

  3. John David Galt  •  Aug 13, 2012 @2:12 pm

    Forget what? Is one of them dead?

  4. Mercury  •  Aug 13, 2012 @5:59 pm

    I highly recommend buying the DVD set of SNL Complete 5th Season: http://www.amazon.com/Saturday-Night-Live-Complete-1979-1980/dp/B002MXG570

    You get the great skits of course but this season also had terrific musical guests including the last reunion of Sam & Dave -which is off the hook- and two live performances by the then brand-new B-52s which blow away the above lip-synched video.

  5. Hughhh  •  Aug 14, 2012 @6:42 pm

    John David Galt
    Forget what? Is one of them dead?

    This. Enquiring minds want to know!

  6. David  •  Aug 15, 2012 @9:58 am

    Do not let your hearts be troubled. I'm just waxing nostalgic.

  7. mojo  •  Aug 27, 2012 @8:26 am

    "Here comes a BIKINI WHALE!"