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I don't say it enough: you people are awesome.

So. I'm going to steal an idea from John Scalzi at Whatever and have an open pimping thread. Please use the comments to this post for shameless promotion of a blog post you're proud of, or a new online venture, or some achievement, or some topic you're into. All normal social conventions regarding self-promotion are suspended for the duration of this post. Have at it.

[Some comments may get caught in the spam filter. Be patient. Email me if you comment and it takes more than half a day to appear.]

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  1. Gideon  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:18 am

    All my posts are awesome.

  2. BL1Y  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:23 am
  3. TJIC  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:24 am

    TJIC.com will rise again (some day)!

    In the meantime, I'm writing an anarcho-capitalist science fiction novel (http://morlockpublishing.com/), cooking cool food (http://foodiedouchebag.com/) and building stuff in my workshop (http://365bowls.com/).

    And, of course, in addition to the two small companies I run (no links, because I don't want to be spammy), I'm working on a new CNC-based startup in stealth-mode (so no blog…yet).

  4. Gretchen  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:24 am

    Some stuff I've done lately:
    The "what you did" vs. "who you are" distinction matters: On David Limbaugh's laughable complaining about people not accepting Rush's "apology."
    If it's not a battle, why make it one?: On the recent American Atheist billboards in Hebrew and Arabic
    Marks of the cross that don't rub off: On a Houston church congregation's idea to get tattooed for Lent.

  5. Brad  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:24 am
  6. Vidocq  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:28 am

    Mine, all mine … and I am always right!

  7. Allen Varney  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:29 am

    I know certain individual Popehat wearers to be unreconstructed roleplaying grognards from way back, so I'll mention Ultraviolet Books, my new publishing venture – official ebook novels based on the classic satirical science fiction RPG PARANOIA. Smart sf satire in the tradition of Philip K. Dick, Robert Sheckley, John Sladek, and Pohl & Kornbluth. Available on Amazon, Barnesandnoble.com, and elsewhere in Kindle, ePub, and .PDF versions.

  8. anarchic teapot  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:32 am

    Oh Ken, you tempt me so. I'm quite proud of my Homeopathy FAQ and my professional analysis of the Burzynski Research Institute's finances.

  9. Adam Jacobs  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:37 am

    All right then, if you insist: my blog can be found at

    It's mostly about clinical research and stuff like that. Has been known to contain Burzynski-related stuff. Has also been known to contain stuff that has bugger all to do with clinical research but just takes my fancy.

  10. TJIC  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:46 am

    @Allen Varney

    > Ultraviolet Books, my new publishing venture – official ebook novels based on the classic satirical science fiction RPG PARANOIA.


    Don't have an e-reader yet, but I'm now MUCH closer to buying one!

  11. Wilhelm Arcturus  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:51 am

    I won't pimp my own blog, though you can click on my name if you want to see it.

    Rather I though I would point out that Raph Koster just put up a post today that is a guide to what he considers the best game design posts on his blog:


    The list covers posts over the last seven years or so and is divided up into different aspects of design, specific games, and some more meta topics, like game economies. Worth a look if game design in general, and online game design in particular, is of interest.

    @Allen Varney – Cool! Paranoia! I played that back in… wow, that was a while ago. I still have books and modules for it on my bookshelf though.

  12. bluntobject  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:52 am

    Yesterday I ranted about people who make confident (and vastly oversimplified) pronouncements about optics from a position of ignorance. The day before I made confident pronouncements about metabolism, quite possibly from a position of ignorance. In the next day or two I'll make confident pronouncements about Formula One aerodynamics, almost certainly from a position of ignorance. C'mon over, it'll be fun.

  13. Roger Baker  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:53 am

    Of course, since 95% of posts at my company's blog are written by me, all are shockingly brilliant (second only to Ken, here).

    See for yourself at http://www.giant-interactive.com/blog

  14. Keith Lee  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:53 am
  15. Ima Wurdibitsch  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:55 am

    Posting has been light of late due to work and school (don't know what I was thinking returning at my age). Bad Daughter is one of my personal favorites but my blog is so random (food, politics, haikus, gardening, etc.) that I don't know which post to pimp. Thanks for the opportunity, Ken.

  16. Ken  •  Mar 15, 2012 @9:57 am

    Saving things from the spam filter. Be patient. Also, I just nearly approved something from an ACTUAL pimp that I mistook for non-spam.

  17. Dan  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:01 am

    As an avid BBQer and beer consumer, I started a blog about my hobbies after some friends urged me on. It's strictly amateur and only a couple months old.

    It has nothing to do with law, but a client sent me a scammy solicitation disgused as an invoice that came in the mail. I sent Ken a tip, but then wrote about it myself anyway. I am happy to say that a couple dozen people have found that post through various search terms in the scammy mailing. If even one of them put that thing in the trash, then it was worth my time.

  18. Rick Horowitz  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:13 am

    I actually have a number of sites, but only two where I write seriously.

    RHDefense.com and FresnoCriminalDefense.com

    At the latter, I wrote yesterday about a defense attorney who was arrested after a kerfuffle with a bailiff at the local courthouse.

  19. Offalmangler  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:16 am

    I came hoping to see a "bedazzled" geocities-type redesign and am sorely disappoint.

  20. Ken  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:21 am

    @Offalmangler, any site redesign will be modeled on Timecube.

  21. Justin T.  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:25 am

    I am particularly proud of this post and this post where I eviscerated a couple of naturopathic quacks here in Alaska for being dangerous unscientific frauds and scam artists.

  22. Andrew  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:32 am

    I'm currently involved with an online start-up called "skimmerhat," which will be an online resource for connecting users to political candidates based on ideas — instead of partisan affiliation. The goal is to unengaged citizens into supporters, and supporters into donors. We believe that while education is good, action (through donations) are the only way we're going to have real change in this country.

    We're still in the building phase, but you can check us out at http://www.skimmerhat.com/, and please sign-up for more updates as we move along!

  23. Jeffrey Ellis  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:39 am

    My own blog, The Thinker, and my group blog, Critical Thinking Applied".

  24. Hal_10000  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:45 am

    OK, I'll put up something mildly relevant to this blog: my response (http://tinyurl.com/7kmt6p5) to the recent censorious ass-hattedness of Allred, Fonda, Steinem and and Morgan (which sounds like the name of the worst law firm ever). It does steal an argument from Ken, but I think I filed off the serial numbers.

  25. flounder  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:01 am

    Here's my blog following the Civil War of one of my heroes, Ulysses S Grant, in his own words.


  26. Liz Ditz  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:29 am

    Since Ken has talked about the Wakefield matter, if you are interested in reading factual, evidenced-based posts about autism, written by autistics, professionals who provide services to autistics, and parents of autistic children, please join us at The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism. [Disclosure: I am a co-founder and editor of this group blog]

    I write a blog modeled on a cross between The New Yorker, the late-lamented Saturday Evening Post, and from time to time, Gourmet, called I Speak of Dreams

    I also highly recommend the group blog, Skeptic Blog.

  27. Landru  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:38 am

    Ken, you're far too kind. My blog is a vanity cesspool of impatient ranting about politics, sports, dipshit antivaxxers, me, me, and me. And me. And I cuss a lot. Of course, all of the posts there are phenomenal. At least, if you're me, they are. In all seriousness, I use my blog mainly as a navigation tool and pay almost no attention to the site metrics, unless I get an unseemly rash of comments about something.

    Flounder, I hope that you've read the outstanding U.S. Grant novel, "Grant Speaks," by Ev Ehrlich. Recommended only if you have a sense of humor about your hero, to be sure. But a very fine novel for anyone with a taste for irreverence and some understanding of I (and interest in) the man's era.

  28. Landru  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:38 am

    And Liz Ditz once linked to me. Me!

  29. clarkcountycriminalcops  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:46 am

    "Obey, Submit, Comply, a Rape Model For Predators Was Created by Law Enforcement" is a look at how today's law enforcement has actually made it easier for sexual predators to victimize us.


  30. russell  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:46 am

    Not technically mine, but there's a new community site for outdoorsy types that I spend a lot of time on which needs the shout out.


  31. Liz Ditz  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:48 am

    Oh I have to pimp another blog. If you have children in preschool (or younger) you MUST be reading Teacher Tom's blog. It's all about what goes on in the preschooler's mind and how they develop. Makes me smile (or think) every day.

  32. Stephanie  •  Mar 15, 2012 @12:29 pm

    I have to agree with the people above, all my posts are awesome. Plus, I'm going through a breakup so it's total angry shit now. :)

  33. Dan  •  Mar 15, 2012 @12:30 pm

    Our startup is actually making kids smarter and more focused. It's kinda cool. Check out our latest success story

    Oh, and thanks for the opportunity. You rock, and stuff.

  34. jb  •  Mar 15, 2012 @12:31 pm

    Two things:

    First, the football-themed obstacle race I'm putting together here in Atlanta, GA: http://gridirontrailrush.com

    Second, after the vaunted Popehat nomination, I have to agree on the quality, intelligence and whimsy of Marian Call (http://mariancall.com). Here's a youtube video of a recent performance I attended, with brief glimpses of my daughter (in the grey hat) starting just after the 2 minute mark. (http://youtu.be/LZcGjdhknUo)

    Oh, and I miss TJIC!

  35. Jingles  •  Mar 15, 2012 @12:34 pm

    No links, but here goes: making good progress on my AR-15 build! I slapped a BCM 14.5" lightweight mid-length with pinned birdcage onto a Spike's Tactical lower with a PSA LPK. I *may* be buying an Aimpoint T1 when I can afford it, but I might just go with irons instead. Will probably be adding a good sling next.

  36. Wasp-Honey  •  Mar 15, 2012 @12:39 pm

    I'm a really good driver and can hold my breath for a long time.

  37. Windypundit  •  Mar 15, 2012 @1:07 pm

    I've been trying to get Nobody's Business back into regular production for months now, but this full-time employment thing is sucking up all my valuable blogging time. If there are any libertarian(-ish) bloggers out there who would like to do a few guest posts, let me know. We could use all the help we can get.

  38. Sue  •  Mar 15, 2012 @1:47 pm

    My blog is mostly ranting against the birthing industry and Dr. Amy. Plus the end of my babymaking days…

  39. matt  •  Mar 15, 2012 @1:55 pm
  40. RogerX  •  Mar 15, 2012 @2:27 pm

    I don't have a blog for myself. I really should. But I saw this today and realized it's as close to a pure, idealistic distillation of my life's philosophies as I will ever come to expressing for myself:

  41. Kirk McPike  •  Mar 15, 2012 @2:33 pm

    I just published to Kindle a novella I've been working on for some time, part of a larger sci fi epic that I hope to complete and publish over the next few years. I'm proud of it until someone finds the inevitable typos that survived all my editing!


  42. David  •  Mar 15, 2012 @2:33 pm

    I write about things environmental regulators do, but because my editor has inexplicably banned the word "fucktard" from our lexicon it's not nearly interesting enough to link to.

  43. Laura K  •  Mar 15, 2012 @2:50 pm

    My blog is very new–although I began it two years ago, health and lack of anti-procrastination skills encouraged me to neglect it.

    I'm proud of "Censorship and Persian Eunuchs"
    People seem to dig most of the poetry, although they liked it on facebook rather than in my comments! http://lifeaftergofigure.wordpress.com/category/poetry/

    I solemly swear that once I am no longer in school application stage for my MDiv, that I will be up to no good and much more sarcastic.

  44. Jeff Gamso  •  Mar 15, 2012 @3:16 pm

    I blog. Really. I just haven't written much the last month. Lots of half posts. There will be more. After all, the government keeps fucking with people and trying (often successfully) to kill them.

    I promise to get back on track. ASAP. Cross my heart.

  45. TJIC  •  Mar 15, 2012 @3:32 pm


    > Oh, and I miss TJIC!

    The mark of a deluded individual!

  46. Hikaru Katayamma  •  Mar 15, 2012 @4:56 pm

    None of my stuff is socially—umm–worthy. So, instead I'll send you to the best TED video I've seen so far. It's short, funny, and EXTREMELY informative!


    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZadCj8O1-0&w=560&h=315

  47. bill  •  Mar 15, 2012 @5:01 pm

    My blog is full of cobwebs and mostly visited by google spiders. Occasionally I'll put something up that's a small attempt to humor myself.

    One Phish Red Phish, the new album from my Marxist Dr. Seuss tribute jam band

    Body parts as band names, my favorite is CoccStyx

  48. Skeptical Lawyer  •  Mar 15, 2012 @5:14 pm

    In an attempt to fill what I saw as a whole in the skeptical movement, I started blogging about science/skepticism and law. Unfortunately, I have not been able to devote as much time to the blog as I had hoped. As a result, the blog has had a lot of fits and starts, much like my early love life. Perhaps the blog will continue its course like my love life did, and in another twenty years or so will be established and consistent.

    I'd love it if readers of Popehat would take a look at my blog: http://skepticallawyer.wordpress.com

    What I'd love even more is suggestions from people for topics. Especially state and local news relating to skepticism, science, and the law. Is your state going to license homeopaths? Psychics? Did your state police hire a psychic to solve a high-profile crime? Do you want my ten readers to know about it? Please let me know!

    Email me at skepticallawyer at gmail.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Ken!

  49. Sam Devol  •  Mar 15, 2012 @6:35 pm

    I started this blog when I was trying to help my daughter through school… Very little traffic, but I'm glad I did it.

  50. GarandGal  •  Mar 15, 2012 @7:52 pm

    Um…well…basically it starts right here http://garandgal.blogspot.com/2012/02/ruminations.html

  51. Joe Carl White  •  Mar 15, 2012 @8:06 pm

    This summer some friends and I will be cycling the Danube Valley from the source in the Black Forest to the mouth at the Black Sea. In preparation, I am riding in the 2012 MS150 from Houston to Austin. This ride raises money to fight Multiple Sclerosis. If any Popehat readers would like to contribute to fight this dread disease, they can do so online here.

    If you want to read more about the Danube trip, I've set up a blog at http://danube2012.com//

  52. Jack Marshall  •  Mar 15, 2012 @8:18 pm

    I spend too much time deleting blog spam on my own blog to pimp it here—just doesn't feel right—so let me pimp Rick Jones's excellent Curmudgeon Central instead: http://www.manjushri924.blogspot.com

  53. Jen  •  Mar 15, 2012 @8:43 pm
  54. ElamBend  •  Mar 15, 2012 @8:45 pm

    This was a brilliant idea. I hope it becomes monthly. I don't have much of my own to pimp (I have two kids – I love them, imagine that!).

    How about this:
    In the tiny little town I grew up in there was this guy named Danny Bush. Seemed kind of weird to me, very introverted.

    Anyway, over a decade ago, I was missing home, especially the sunsets and I googled (or maybe yahoo'd) 'Missouri Skies" and found this:


    Embarrassingly enough, I was a year or two before I realized that these were from my home town, by someone I knew.

    Here is his most 'famous', see if the name if familiar:


    It was a lesson to me. You never know where talent may lie.

  55. Shylock Holmes  •  Mar 15, 2012 @8:53 pm

    What a great idea.

    My blog (http://shylockholmes.blogspot.com ) might be described as what would happen if popehat, marginal revolution, and TJIC had a retarded child together. Take this as a subject matter and style guide, not claims to comparable levels of entertainment or writing skill.

    While there is of course a hubris in comparing yourself with other bloggers, particularly when they will actually read and laugh at the comparison, I tend to think that your blog is likely to be similar to the average of the five blogs you read the most. (And since I'm commenting here, you've probably got one of the five already). I guess it's a similar principle to the claim that your personality is likely to be close to the average of your five best friends.

  56. Mike  •  Mar 15, 2012 @10:19 pm

    I write about my experiences as the dean of a business school in Mauritius. I also go off on other topics. None of this is done very well.

    Some people complement me on my writing. I tell them they need to read more.

  57. raptros-v76  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:27 pm

    Follow me on twitter (see my name link)! I complain, post my training plans (and my abandonment of same), and occionally mention metal albums I've enjoyed. Also: programming and AI research. Science is boring!
    Strike up a conversation; if twitter's for anything, it's for that. Now I'm up too late again!

  58. Blaze Miskulin  •  Mar 16, 2012 @4:01 am

    I run MadisonKink, a site that looks at alternative sexualities in an intellectual and non-salacious way. We even have a lawyer who contributes regular articles.

  59. TJIC  •  Mar 16, 2012 @6:28 am

    @Blaze Miskulin

    > I run MadisonKink, a site that looks at alternative sexualities in an intellectual and non-salacious way. We even have a lawyer who contributes regular articles.

    So, wait.

    The fact that a lawyer is involved is an argument that it's "intellectual and non-salacious" ?

    I'm confused!


  60. John Kindley  •  Mar 16, 2012 @7:42 am

    "Bleeding Heart Libertarians" is a relatively new group blog staffed by a gaggle of libertarian-flavored, Prius-driving, sandal-wearing, White Knight academics. I egomaniacally like to think that a comment I left on their blog (see here: http://bleedingheartlibertarians.com/2011/12/how-did-we-get-here-or-why-do-20-year-old-newsletters-matter-so-damn-much/#comment-393520984) prompted their upcoming Symposium on Libertarianism and Land, which I'm really looking forward to (see here: http://bleedingheartlibertarians.com/2012/03/hey-were-a-year-old/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BleedingHeartLibertarians+%28Bleeding+Heart+Libertarians%29&utm_content=Google+Reader).

    Also, ten years after proving in court that abortion increases breast cancer risk I recently proved it again in the comments on a post at Jonathan Turley's blog (see here: http://jonathanturley.org/2012/02/12/lying-for-jesus-the-abortionbreast-cancer-link/).

  61. John  •  Mar 16, 2012 @8:42 am

    All you'd ever want to know about Saudi Arabia and the ways it's trying to get out of the myriad corners into which it has painted itself at:

    Crossroads Arabia.

    Now approaching its eighth anniversary.

  62. savvo  •  Mar 16, 2012 @10:02 am

    Liz Ditz never linked to me. But then I've never heard of her and I'm not about to link to her.

  63. Chris  •  Mar 16, 2012 @11:22 am

    My blog is stagnant. I have a few ideas that may make that less true sometime soon.

    But Allen Varney Paranioa fiction! Yes, Please! I just bought Paranoia Redux and Paranoia Redux Redux off of DrivethruRPG just to read, so this is excellent news for me.

  64. siouxsiel  •  Mar 16, 2012 @2:03 pm

    I'm really excited about my sex in the morgue post! http://bit.ly/zar0a6

  65. M Blaze Miskulin  •  Mar 16, 2012 @5:23 pm

    @ TJIC

    So, wait.

    The fact that a lawyer is involved is an argument that it's "intellectual and non-salacious" ?

    I'm confused!

    Nah. That's just coincidence. :)

  66. Jon  •  Mar 16, 2012 @8:39 pm

    I don't post enough but when I do it is, as everyone else has said, awesome *g*. I rant about guns, higher education, politics, more higher education, and more guns. Not necessarily in that order.

  67. The Fanatical Moderate  •  Mar 17, 2012 @6:22 am

    I mostly glomp stuff together that I spotted on the internet and I spew it out again, you know, formatted. Check it out. Sometimes I write stuff too. Sometimes I write about computer code, but not very often.

  68. Robert  •  Mar 17, 2012 @11:32 am

    Track TSA abuses at shinybadge.com

  69. Douglas Muth  •  Mar 19, 2012 @7:37 am

    I saw a few other mentions of skeptic blogs, so I thought I'd throw in a skeptic website that I like to read:


    What's The Harm keeps track of various questionable things (such as say, colloidal silver), and links to news stories that tells of people who have been injured or killed by those remedies.

    Whenever someone I know talks about using something that's questionable, I send them to that site.

  70. clarkcountycriminalcops  •  Mar 19, 2012 @10:41 pm

    Why is a 44% change in the number of officer's killed in 2012 less of a story than the 20% change this month in 2011?


  71. W. Lewis Black  •  Mar 20, 2012 @2:08 pm

    While I will never win any awards with it, I'm rather fond of Black's Blawg, my musings of life as a newbie lawyer and blogger. the posts have been a little few and far between of late, but I hope to get back on a regular schedule soon.


  72. Saoili  •  Mar 21, 2012 @7:14 am

    http://saoili.blogspot.com/ – too many drafts and not enough posts, but I like what I write.

  73. AMB  •  Mar 21, 2012 @4:16 pm


    Wherein typically post random shit found on the Internet, snippets of code that I found useful, and rambling essays that over-analyze trivial topics.

    So basically, yes, it's like every other blog in existence.

  74. Laura K  •  Mar 21, 2012 @6:36 pm

    Shameless re-plug! Two posts I am proud of: The Kinship of the Unsung and Why Substitute Teachers Need a Union (or a suitcase full of caffineated lizards)

  75. Andrew Roth  •  Mar 21, 2012 @8:49 pm


    Hopefully my relatives won't find this garbage, but in case they do, I had nothing at all to do with any of it. Some families are just uncannily similar to each other. As long as my relatives don't bug me about it, I don't care; if they do, my pseudonymous online speech is none of their damn business as far as I'm concerned. Also none of their damn business is denigrating my political and religious beliefs or officiously telling me what not to eat, but you can't have everything.

    Sample post titles:

    "A turd in a bag is free content. Usually."
    "Will Chelsea Handler please take a shit in the brown rice?"
    "A Touch of Crass."
    "Another Touch of Crass."
    "Santorum surges from behind."
    "Ass burgers."
    "Tammany Hall for Young Scholars."

    I've already pimped the shit out of this long-form screed platform on Facebook (with utmost attention to privacy settings so that transmissions don't reach Mars without a third party indiscriminately blabbing about them), and I've worked in a good word or two on some other blogs, too. Thanks for the invitation to further pimp it.

    A final point: It isn't exactly a dignified enterprise, but it's a lot more dignified than the usual gossip protocols in my family.

  76. Don Merritt  •  Mar 23, 2012 @7:56 am

    I'm probably the only American who is part of the team at the European Space Agency that is flying the Venus Express spacecraft around the planet Venus. We like to think of ourselves as, well, rocket scientists. We let people know what we're up to in our techie little status reports, on the page:
    under 'Status Reports Archive'. Its boring for normal people, but we're far from that.