RIP Joel Rosenberg


This morning I'm very sorry to see news of the passing of Joel Rosenberg — husband and father, author, gun policy expert, and activist.

As a youngster, I thoroughly enjoyed Joel Rosenberg's Guardians of the Flame series. As a writer at Popehat, I grew to appreciate a frequent commenter who went by the handle Jdog — and I was delighted to discover that it was Joel. Later, I came to admire his activism on gun rights issues and his willingness to stand up against the ethos that the rules for citizens are whatever some upjumped government lackey thinks they should be. From interchanges with him after Patrick wrote about his case here, I found that he was as delightful a correspondent as he was an author.

He leaves us too soon. My thoughts are with his family.

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  1. Chris  •  Jun 3, 2011 @7:17 am

    That's terrible news. My thoughts are with Felicia and the rest of his family.

  2. Scott Jacobs  •  Jun 3, 2011 @8:39 am

    I recall back when people cared about torture of terrorists a thread at Patterico's when I took a rather harsh stance on the issue. I recall Joel commenting there, and doing his best to politely call me out for it.

    I liked him from day one.

    And then learning about his efforts tio advance personal freedoms in the light of over-mighty authority made me like him all the more.

    The world is a significantly poorer place for his passing, and I shall get exceedingly drunk tonight in his memory…

  3. Colin Samuels  •  Jun 3, 2011 @9:30 am

    In another of his books (I think it was Ties of Blood and Silver), one of the characters seeks to secure his legacy by building a perfect wok of art; in the end, that legacy is the perfect relationship he builds with his protege and the skills he passes along to him. Though his online presence was but a small part of his life, I think that the outsized influence Joel has had on many of us here mirrors that legacy about which he wrote 20+ years ago.

    We talk a lot about the limitations of social media, its clown princes and failures; Joel was an example of its potential to connect us with extraordinary people whose wit and wisdom enrich our lives. To say he'll be missed is an understatement of tragic proportions.

  4. Colin Samuels  •  Jun 3, 2011 @9:32 am

    "Work of art" that should've been (though with his sense of humor, I could see a Rosenberg character hammering-out a perfectly artful wok). Let's christen that the "Joel Rosenberg Memorial Typo". Argh.

  5. SPQR  •  Jun 3, 2011 @2:10 pm

    This was starting out such a good month too. Now its not. Great loss to us, not least his family of course.

  6. Felicia Herman  •  Jun 23, 2011 @9:11 pm

    Thank you for your kind words and continued friendship.

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