"Between The Pit Of Man's Fears And The Summit Of His Knowledge"

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You unlock this door with the key of imagination: A graphic history of fantasy and science fiction, from the unknown poet behind Beowulf to Vernor Vinge and beyond.

I can't do this justice by describing it, and I won't steal it for reproduction here. Just click the link.

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  1. TJIC  •  Mar 9, 2011 @2:46 pm

    That was awesome ; thanks!

  2. David  •  Mar 9, 2011 @4:04 pm


    The artist misspelled "Elric" as "Erlic" though.

  3. Joe  •  Mar 9, 2011 @8:12 pm

    Wow! It's like a giant, nebulous space monster! Or, perhaps sea creature from the unknown and dark depths.

  4. Fret  •  Mar 10, 2011 @8:31 am

    He also misspelled "Borogoves." I still dig it.

  5. mojo  •  Mar 10, 2011 @12:57 pm

    "A wise man believes only in lies, trusts no one but himself – and learns to expect the unexpected."
    – Tales of the Unexpected intro