A Perfect Christmas Gift


If you didn't see "Inception" in theaters, it's available on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 7.

I didn't write about it while it was big, but "Inception" is the best mainstream movie I've seen in years.  A wonderfully satisfying thriller with a mild science / speculative fiction tinge, an intentionally Hitchockian aesthetic, and as much appeal for women as for men (a rarity in techno-thrillers).

And it's as good as Hitchcock at his best.   It's as good as "Vertigo," which is to say that it's a nearly perfect film that will be as great fifty years from now as it is today.  If you have a special someone, this is the stocking stuffer to get.

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  1. Ken  •  Nov 18, 2010 @10:05 am

    Loved it.

    Working on a long post about how the quality of a work of art is what drives whether we care about whether the backstory is consistent.

  2. Chris  •  Nov 18, 2010 @1:30 pm

    We tried to go see it. It was the first time we managed to go see a movie without the kids in a really long time. Unfortunately, we managed to get the release date for the movie wrong and showed up the week before it came out. Instead, we saw.. Something. I don't even remember what.

  3. PeeDub  •  Nov 18, 2010 @2:21 pm

    To quote the six-fingered man, "I think that's the saddest story I've ever *heard*."

  4. tarylcabot  •  Nov 18, 2010 @3:17 pm

    Was not a fan of Vertigo – ok movie made worse by idioc ending – Kim jumping out of the tower because the nun shows up. Actually the entire premise of Kim helping the bad guy made absolutely no sense – after helping a guy murder his wife, she just hangs around SF so Jimmie can stumble across her again.

    Inception hopefully is better than Vertigo.