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Over the last few weeks we have received dozens of spam comments promoting — if that is the word — a Certain Mega Firm. I can see Certain Mega Firm's offices from my window.

As tradition dictates, someone using some sort of auto-spammer program hit us with dozens of comments targeted to multiple posts here, including posts in which I call out legal spammers. The posts have randomized names and email addresses, probably spoofed IP addresses, and the same content: "[Certain Mega Firm Name] Attorney [City]", followed by the address of one of the firm's many branches in a major city.

Normally, if the mood struck me, I'd out them and ridicule them. They're a gigantic and rather conservative megafirm, and certain other law blogs would find it hilarious that someone was promoting them with the same tactics typically used to market drugs that improve your man-junk. We have great fun here with spammers. Though the impact would be akin to a gnat biting a whale, it would be embarrassing to them on some tiny level.

But I've decided to be whimsical. I am 99% sure that nobody inside Certain Mega Firm did this. I once toiled at Certain Mega Firm, and there are people still there that I like very much. So I emailed a friend, showed him some links (including the Google link showing that this spam is posted all over the internet), and suggested that his web or marketing departments go drop the hammer, hard, on any outside marketers they are using.

Maybe I will be rewarded with an announcement that they have fired their marketers. That would make my day. If nothing else, I will be happy if a MegaFirm becomes aware of one of our favorite sayings: when you outsource your marketing, you outsource your reputation and your ethics to questionable people.

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  1. Patrick  •  Nov 16, 2010 @12:36 pm

    What a gyp. Without a name, it's like you've let us get to third base only to announce that your saving yourself for marriage.

    Sure you're pretty, but you're a tease.

  2. Turk  •  Nov 16, 2010 @2:05 pm

    Maybe I will be rewarded with an announcement that they have fired their marketers.

    Thanks for making my day…funniest line I've seen in awhile.

  3. Old Geezer  •  Nov 17, 2010 @8:57 pm

    Maybe they would contribute, say, $130.00 to the Columbia School of Journalism.