It’s always nice to get your holiday shopping done early

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I think I've got everyone here covered except Ezra. Shhhhhh! Don't tell them, it will ruin the surprise.

I hope they have enough for all of my friends.

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  1. Tsiroth  •  Aug 7, 2010 @1:14 pm

    Except Ezra? Is that because he already has one?

  2. Derrick  •  Aug 8, 2010 @4:22 am

    It's strong enough to hold at least two bricks.

  3. SPQR  •  Aug 9, 2010 @7:08 am

    He's going to get Ezra the spare Botox.

  4. Professor Coldheart  •  Aug 9, 2010 @8:07 am

    I thought I had a good sense of what a $65 tote bag should look like. Good thing I saw this post, or I would have made an ASS of myself come Christmas.

  5. Professor Coldheart  •  Aug 9, 2010 @8:38 am

    (For the record: I'm not getting kickbacks from Overstock)