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All this story needs is Conan the Barbarian, Mister Spock, and the Highlander. And why not throw in Gollum while we're at it?

A comic book store owner dressed as Spider-Man became a real superhero for the day when he caught an alleged thief trying to steal an X-Men omnibus.

Michael Baulderstone, 45, was dressed as Spider-Man as part of a fancy dress open day at comic Centre in Adelaide, Australia, confronted the man when he claims he spotted him taking the £100 book.

Security tapes show Mr Baulderstone, addressing the man before stopping him and confiscating the book. On top of that, a group of Jedi knights blocked the door to prevent him from escaping, along with The Flash.

I want that video, not excuses.  The freeze-frame I've seen, of an angry Spiderman confronting the thief, is reason enough to click the link.

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  1. DMS  •  May 3, 2010 @3:17 pm

    Hey, I'm from the sleepy little city of Adelaide, South Australia. That's possibly the most exciting thing that ever happened there (well, aside from the occasional bizarre serial killer murder).

  2. DMS  •  May 3, 2010 @4:44 pm

    OK, here's a couple of local links including

    a pic of our hero

    And office crippleware prevents me seeing it, but it seems there is a video link here (may be just a talking head news story of course).