The Breakfast of 400 Pound Champions


I was visiting a friend in Sacramento over the weekend. The town of Rocklin is like one large strip mall. Really pretty awful. However, we went to the generically quaint Waffle Barn for breakfast on Sunday, and they had a menu item I had never seen before.

If you really hated yourself, you could get a bacon waffle. A waffle with bacon baked (grilled? ironed?) right into it. I didn't order it, but I was sort of tempted.

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  1. Ken  •  Oct 19, 2009 @2:13 pm

    Now we're going to get hate mail from Rocklin. And PETA. And bacon-haters.

    Next time, though, please order one for me.

  2. ES  •  Oct 19, 2009 @2:18 pm

    Rocklin has a great redeeming feature: a fantastic 18 hold disc golf course.

  3. Joel  •  Oct 19, 2009 @3:05 pm

    You can also get bacon waffles at Rae's in Santa Monica, and at Blue Star Eggs Cetera in Seattle.

    (Probably elsewhere too, but those are my go-to places.)

  4. Scott  •  Oct 19, 2009 @3:19 pm
  5. Dustin  •  Oct 19, 2009 @5:15 pm

    Bacon waffles are actually really good. We used to make them all the time in my family. You put the bacon on top of the batter before you close the waffle iron(the bacon should be cooked already by whatever method you
    prefer. However, as to you other point, yes, Rocklin sucks.

  6. Sparkylong  •  Oct 19, 2009 @5:42 pm

    This sounds like a quick 'n easy dinner for the family. Unlike me, my 3 daughters find food largely unappealing (I'm desperate to somehow learn how they do this). Unlike the idiocy of pretentious, pre-child thought ("I will ever & only serve my future children nutritious, well-balanced meals), getting the troika to eat anything–anything whatsoever!–is a triumph. Waffles-Ala-Bacon-Au Gratin just might work. Then again, I'll probably end up eating everything that they leave on their plates. As always. Which will be everything. Which takes me back to my first parenthetical statement. >sigh<

  7. Chris  •  Oct 19, 2009 @7:39 pm

    My daughter ordered one at a non-Waffle House. It was nasty – bacon is only good when crispy, not soggy, greasy crap in a waffle.

  8. Scott Jacobs  •  Oct 19, 2009 @9:08 pm

    You turned down something with bacon in it?

    You are less of a man this day. *wink*

  9. Packratt  •  Oct 19, 2009 @9:55 pm

    Hmm, I guess I shouldn't offer you any of my wife's bacon-chocolate cupcakes or her famous maple-bacon-pancake cupcakes if you ever stop by Seattle then?

  10. Sparkylong  •  Oct 19, 2009 @10:05 pm

    No worries, Packratt. I'll eat whatever bacon Chris leaves (stupidly) on his plate. Oh–almost forgot: Christ will die healthier than I will.

  11. bill  •  Oct 20, 2009 @5:13 am

    You know what's better than bacon waffles? Sausage waffles. Cook up some maple sausage — We prefer that of Jimmy Dean the sausage king, but use whatever works for you. Fold into waffle batter — I don't think the light and airy yeast batters work best for this — and cook.

    Great comfort dinner on a cold winter night.

  12. Chris  •  Oct 20, 2009 @8:05 am

    I was just talking with someone about bacon waffles. I think they could be really good if you do it right.

  13. Shay  •  Oct 20, 2009 @7:30 pm

    My mother used to make us bacon waffles. Great with maple syrup (if you were eleven years old. I'm not sure I could face them today).