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I've seen a lot of criticism of the Double Down Chicken Sandwich at KFC, which uses the chicken as bread, and is currently being test-marketed in Nebraska. I guess KFC assumes that nobody in Omaha cares if they get fryer grease all over their hands while eating. It is pretty heinous looking when you see the actual sandwich instead of the glossy advertising photo but I'm at a loss as to what the big story is.

It isn't that I don't get the problem. I've written about fast-food monstrosities before, and continue to think that there is a special circle of hell for Colonel Sanders, Ray Kroc and the King of Burgistan for what they have wrought. It just doesn't strike me as anything new under the sun.

The chicken-as-bread is a gimmick. A gross gimmick, but a gimmick all the same. If the KFC PR guy is to be believed, it is a 590 calorie sandwich – high, but not out of line for fast food. If the combo meal were simply called the Two Patty Platter – or even if they surrounded the double-chicken with bread, increasing the calorie count – I don't think anyone would have mentioned it at all.

In the end, under the guise of being horrified by the fattening of society by the evil fast food companies and their ever-more-devious ways of packing more calories into a meal, all of the critics have instead served as a gigantic, free marketing campaign for a fairly ordinary sandwich.

It isn't that the fast food companies aren't evil and ever-more-devious; they are. I only wish that people would do a better job of picking their battles.

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  1. Jag  •  Aug 25, 2009 @12:27 pm

    Evil? At least they care about the community and would never exploit anyone to satisfy their lust for bigger profits.

  2. Ezra  •  Aug 25, 2009 @1:55 pm

    I have never seen that McDonalds site. That is astounding! I really feel like they care about the African-American community.

  3. Mike  •  Aug 25, 2009 @2:05 pm

    Looks disgusting; and I'm someone who as a point of pride has eaten through most of the "Worst Foods" list.

  4. Andrew  •  Aug 25, 2009 @2:25 pm

    Different strokes for different folks; I think that looks delicious.

  5. Ken  •  Aug 25, 2009 @3:41 pm

    Wrap it in bacon and deep-fry that mother and you've got my interest.

  6. TomH  •  Aug 26, 2009 @6:29 am

    To get real deconstructive – put the bread in the middle :0

  7. Chris Berez  •  Aug 26, 2009 @10:41 am

    I stand by my passion. This is the kind of thing I need to try at least once.

  8. Charles  •  Aug 26, 2009 @10:47 am

    Don't take any of my characterizations of the food in this post as "gross," "heinous" or "evil" as an indication that I wouldn't eat them.